Vacation Home For Sale in Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro

Dream home 9 BR! Custom built!

•  800 sq. m., 7 bath, 9 bdrm 3-level split – $470,000 USD. P23M


1. The house has 9 rooms with 7 full bathrooms. And also equipped with Dimmers Indoor Lighting Control Systems
A.) Ground floor ( 2 Guest rooms, 1 Common T&B, Home theater room with T&B).
B.) 2ND Floor:
a.) Master Bedroom – toilet, shower closet, Jacuzzi, sliding glass door and spiral staircase direct access to 3rd floor Attic
b.) 3 Bedrooms with toilets , 2 shower closets, 1 bath tub
C.) 3RD Floor Attic ( 2 Bedrooms & 1 toilet & bath).
2. The kitchen boasts Maple wood cabinets and Granite counter tops.
3. The customized main entrance door is made of Narra wood.
4. The staircase’s planks and handrails are made of Narra wood and Stainless steel railings.
5. The spiral staircase planks are made of Narra wood and Stainless steel handrails and side rails.
6. Bedrooms – customized built-in beds with built-in drawers and side tables.
7. All Bedrooms on the 2nd floor has its own sliding glass door access to each balcony, sliding glass (mirror) closets with built-in cabinets & drawers.
8. The Terrace on the 2nd floor is very spacious with 55.7 sq. m. floor area.
9. The Porch and Balconies all around the house are stainless steel railings.
10. The House has customized stone wall claddings (exterior & interior walls).
11. Ground floor – 12ft high customized ceiling
12. 2nd floor – 10ft customized ceiling
13. 3rd floor Attic – 9ft ceiling
14. The Floor Slabs (ground floor up to the 3rd floor) – 12 inches thickness reinforced concrete
15. The Hollow blocks used for the exterior walls of the house were 6 inches thick; in addition, the mortar/finishing (both sides) and stone wall cladding make the total thickness of the exterior walls 10 inches thick.
16. The perimeter reinforced concrete fence wall height = 2.5m plus 1m steel grating on the top of the wall. The overall height of the fence is 3.5m
17. The dimensions of the corner columns/post = 300mm X 300mm X 3.75m (4nos)
18. The dimensions of the center columns/post = 250mm X 250mm X 3.75m (33nos)
19. The hollow blocks used for the fence wall was 5 inches thick; in addition, the mortar/finishing (both sides) make the total thickness of the fence wall 8 inches thick
20. The house has a detached Carport including 3 servants quarters rooms with a common toilet & bath

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